Improved Health

The programs that receive funding in this priority area work to increase the number of children 0-5 who are screened for developmental, social/emotional, behavioral, and cognitive delays; connect families to needed services; and identify and address barriers to accessing services.


Help Me Grow Yolo

 This program is part of a researched-based national program focused on early identification and intervention, and a systems approach to linking children and families to needed programs and services. Help Me Grow Yolo was fully launched at the end of FY 2015-16, and offers services that include:

  • Expanding access to developmental screening for children 0-5, as well as screenings for maternal wellness, mental health, home safety, and basic needs.
  • A call center that offers developmental screenings and information about available community resources.
  • Training for child health care and education providers about child development, mental health, and the importance of early detection and intervention.
  • Ongoing data collection and analysis to help identify gaps in, and barriers to, the system.

Call Help Me Grow toll free at:

1 (844) 410-GROW (4769)

What is Help Me Grow?

A Parent’s Story