Quality Early Learning

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First 5 Yolo invests in programs that ensure children enter kindergarten ready to learn.

90% of critical brain development happens in the first 5 years of life. Neural circuits, which create the foundation for learning, behavior and health, are most flexible or “plastic” during the first three years of life. Over time, they become increasingly difficult to change. (First 2000 Days)

Play School Experience

This program is run by Yolo County Children’s Alliance, Empower Yolo Center for Families, and RISE, Inc. and focuses on increasing parent/child bonding and parental knowledge and skills. Classes are offered in Clarksburg, Davis, Esparto, Knights Landing, West Sacramento, Winters and Woodland.

Early Literacy for Families Story-time

Offered in English, Spanish and Russian at Yolo County Libraries and focuses on enhancing early learning by encouraging literacy and socialization. Davis, Yolo, West Sac, Winters, Esparto, Woodland, and Clarksburg.


This county-wide program is provided through a  collaboration with First 5 CA and First 5 Yolo. This quality rating and improvement system, implemented by City of West Sacramento, for early childhood education is aimed to increase access to high quality childcare and preschool in Yolo County.

Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting Tipsheet

For more information about child abuse and neglect, view this tipsheet.

Eat Fish Safely

Learn how to make eating fish part of a healthy diet.

Weed Can Wait

No amount of marijuana is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Universal Mental Health Screening

to Yolo County parents and their children ages 0-5.

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