Programs & Services

Implementation Plan Overview

The Implementation Plan of the Strategic Plan provides additional detail regarding funded strategies within the following Priority Areas: Child Health, Quality Early Learning, Child Safety, and Systems and Networks.  First 5 Yolo will proceed with tactical planning, to focus on local policy and systems change that recognizes the foundational nature of early childhood.  New predictive risk modeling allows First 5 Yolo to target highest-risk families with high intensity prevention and intervention programs.  In recognizing the value to the community of investing “upstream” for children 0-5, First 5 Yolo will continue to fund infrastructure to evaluate and monitor programs, allocate funding efficiently, and provide assistance in quality improvement. The total amount allocated for new programing in the Implementation Plan is $1,057,744.

First 5 Yolo Funded Programs

Programs funded in the Fiscal Year 2018-2019:

Priority 1 – Child Health

Program Budget
Help Me Grow $450,000

Priority 2 – Child Safety

Program Budget
Healthy Families America Home Visiting $50,000
The CHILD Project Pilot (Davis and Rural) $115,000
ABC Home Visiting* $86,664
Yolo Crisis Nursery Services $67,280
Family Hui $15,000
Nurturing Parenting Program $68,500

Priority 3 – Quality Early Learning

Program Budget
IMPACT $50,000
BOOST $5,000
Play School Experience $119,300
Early Literacy for Families (Storytime) $31,000

Priority 4 – Systems and Networks

Program Budget
Sponsorship Funding $5,000
Clear Impact (Program Capacity Building) $10,000


*This project crosses fiscal years.  Total project amount is $105,000 for 12 months.