Programs & Services

Implementation Plan Overview

The Implementation Plan expands upon the Strategic Plan, providing additional detail regarding funded strategies within the following Result Areas: Improved Child Health, Improved Child Development, Improved Family Functioning and Improved Systems and Network. For each objective prioritized in the Strategic Plan, Commissioners reviewed a worksheet with significant detail. Working through subcommittees, Commissioners created an implementation plan that prioritizes five goals and nine strategies to improve the lives of children and families. The Commission updates this plan every year in order to best serve the needs of the community. The total amount allocated for new programming in the Implementation Plan is $941,500.

First 5 Yolo Funded Programs

Programs funded by the Strengthening Families Initiative Fiscal Year 2016-2017:

Priority 1 – Improved Child Health

Program Budget
Help Me Grow Yolo $344,895

Priority 2 – Improved Child Development

Program Budget
Play School Experience $114,000
IMPACT – Quality Preschool $50,000
Preschool Enhancement of the Arts $6,000
Early Literacy for Families $50,643
BOOST – Preschool Program $20,505

Priority 3 – Improved Family Functioning

Program Budget
AVANCE $150,000
Parent Education – Family Hui $15,000
Healthy Families America Home Visitation Program $59,167
Yolo Crisis Nursery $15,000

Priority 4 – Improved Systems and Network

Program Budget
Foster Care Education, Recruitment and Retention $103,500
Family Violence Prevention Pilot $7,000
Child Development Conference $2,500
Advokid Training $3,000
Unallocated Funds: $290