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Next Meeting

The next First 5 Yolo Commission Meeting will be held at the following time and location:

Commission Meeting

November 10th, 2021


NOTE: This meeting is being agendized to allow Commission Members, staff and the public to participate in the meeting via teleconference, pursuant to AB361.

*Assembly Bill (AB) 361, signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on September 16, 2021, amends California’s Ralph M. Brown Act to allow virtual board meetings during a state of emergency. AB 361 goes into effect immediately and amends Section 54953 of the Brown Act to allow virtual board meetings through January 1, 2024. For more information click here: AB-361.

Details for accessing the Zoom meeting are provided in the posted agenda.

Commission Meetings

The First 5 Yolo Commission meets regularly on the second Wednesday of each month, from 3:00p.m.-5:00 p.m., in the First 5 Yolo conference room or at other locations throughout the county. Meeting locations and agendas for public meetings are posted on the bulletin board at the east entrance of the Erwin Meier Administration Center, 625 Court Street, Woodland, CA 95695, and at our office at 502 Mace Boulevard, Suite 11, Davis, CA 95618.

Current Agenda & Packet

Past 3 Packets

Commission and Budget Calendar

Past Agendas & Commission Meeting Minutes

Past agendas and commission meeting minutes are available for your review below. You may also contact First 5 Yolo via email for archived agendas and minutes.

2021 Agendas & Minutes

October 20, 2021102021 Agenda
October 11, 2021Finance Agenda 101121
September 1, 2021090121 Agenda090121 Minutes
June 30, 2021063021 Agenda063021 Special Meeting Minutes
June 9, 2021060921 Agenda060921 Minutes
June 2, 2021Finance Agenda June 2, 2021
May 12, 2021051221 Agenda051221 Minutes
March 10, 2021031021 Agenda031021 Minutes
January 13, 2021011321_Agenda011321 Minutes

2020 Agendas & Minutes

November 18, 2020111820_Agenda111820 Minutes
November 10, 2020Executive Committee Meeting
October 14, 2020101420_Agenda101420 Minutes
October 7, 2020F5Y-Finance-Committee-Agenda-10.7.20
September 9,2020090920_-Agenda 090920-meeting-minutes
June 10, 2020061020 Agenda06102020_Minutes
May 13, 2020051320_Agenda051320 Minutes
May 7, 202005072020 Agenda050720 Minutes
April 8, 2020040820_Agenda04082020 Minutes
March 11, 2020031120_Agenda031120 Minutes
February 27, 2020022720_Agenda022720 Minutes
January 8, 2020010820_Agenda010820_Minutes

2019 Agendas & Minutes

DateAgendaMeeting Minutes
October 9, 2019100919_Agenda100919_Minutes.pdf
September 11, 2019091119_-Agenda091119_Minutes.pdf
August 14, 2019 081419_Agenda081419 Minutes.pdf
June 12, 2019061219_Agenda061219_Minutes.pdf
May 08, 2019050819 Agenda050819_Minutes
March 13, 2019031319_Agenda031319_Minutes
January 09, 2019010919_Agenda010919 minutes

2018 Agendas & Minutes

DateAgendaMeeting Minutes
November 14, 2018111418_Agenda111418 minutes
October 1, 2018101018 Agenda101018 minutes
September 12, 2018091218_ Agenda091218_minutes
July 16, 2018071618_Agenda071618_minutes
June 13, 2018061318_Agenda061318_minutes
May 9, 2018050918_Agenda050918_minutes
March 14, 2018031418_Agenda031418_minutes
February 7, 2018020718 Agenda020718_minutes
January 10, 2018011018_Agenda011018_minutes

2017 Agendas & Minutes

DateAgendaMeeting Minutes
December 13, 2017121317_Agenda121317_minutes
November 8, 2017110817_Agenda110817_minutes
October 11, 2017101117_Agenda101117_minutes
September 13, 2017091317_ Agenda091317_minutes
June 14, 2017061417_Agenda061417_minutes
May 10, 2017051017_Agenda051017_minutes
April 12, 2017041217_Agenda041217_minutes
March 8, 2017030817_Agenda030817_minutes
January 11, 2017011117_Agenda011117_minutes

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