First 5 Yolo Meetings

Committee Meetings

Proposition 10 legislation allows for each county commission to establish one or more advisory committees to provide technical and professional expertise and support for any purposes that will be beneficial in accomplishing the purposes of the act. Each advisory committee shall meet and make recommendations and reports as deemed necessary or appropriate.

The First 5 Yolo Commission established three committees - Finance, Program and Policy and Personnel. Each committee meets and makes recommendations and reports to the Commission in support of Commission business as necessary. See below for upcoming meeting agendas.


General protocols that apply to all of the committees are:

  • Each committee shall include at least three Commissioners who each agree to make themselves available when action needs to be taken by the committee.
  • Committee chairs shall schedule meetings in conjunction with the executive director. The executive director shall be present at all meetings except for Personnel Committee meetings related to oversight of the executive director.
  • Each committee is expected to develop full reports or presentations to the Commission on activities and recommendations of the committee, which can be delivered as part of a standing agenda item at each monthly meeting.


The roles and responsibilities of each committee are outlined below.

Finance Committee

  • Work with the executive director and chief financial officer to develop the annual budget and submit the budget to the Commission for action.
  • Make categorical recommendations, i.e., recommendations on individual line items within the budget.
  • Working with staff to oversee budget spending and compliance as a whole.
  • Participate in developing the financial portions of the annual report, including the annual audit.
  • Work with the executive director to develop policies and procedures related to fiscal matters for submission to the Commission for action.
  • Work with the executive director and chief financial officer to develop the Fiscal Sustainability Plan, and submit the sustainability plan to the Commission for action.

Program and Policy Committee

  • Develop or review suggestions for new and existing programs and activities, and make recommendations to the Commission regarding programs and activities (note: this does not include review or recommendations on community proposals for funding).
  • Monitor existing programs, projects and initiatives.
  • Provide guidance on mechanisms to evaluate the effectiveness of programs funded by First 5 Yolo and review evaluation results.

Next Meeting: December 17, 2015

Personnel Committee

  • Guide the employment status (recruiting, hiring and termination) of the executive director.
  • Provide advice and support to the executive director on agency benefits issues.
  • Serve as the body of appeal for staff to address personnel issues that cannot be resolved by the staff.