First 5 Yolo

Reports and Evaluation

Yolo County Children's Oral Health Report

First 5 Yolo (F5Y) has been supporting increased assess and utilization of oral health services for children ages 0-5 since 2007. The CommuniCare Smile Saver program has been tracking the results of its dental screening program since 2008. This report analyzes the screening results to convey trends in dental decay among preschoolers and elementary school age children.

Children's Oral Health Report - 2013

Kindergarten Readiness Survey

A survey for enrolling kindergarten parents in all Yolo County school districts was implemented in FY09/10 as part of the overall IFSI evaluation plan. This tool was designed to take a snapshot each year on the status of our families in individual communities and overall in the county. This survey helps to identify trends and provide helpful information that can be used to assess the impact of specific First 5 interventions on children and families as well as guide future program planning and professional development objectives. The results and analysis of the survey was prepared in a report for the Commission and participating school districts.

Kindergarten Readiness Survey FY 11-12

Early Mental Health Needs Assessment

First 5 Yolo commissioned this Early Childhood Mental Health Needs Assessment in response to a plethora of anecdotal information from early childhood educators, physicians, childcare providers, parents, and other community members, regarding the challenges faced in attempting both to identify early mental health issues in young children as well as to access mental health services for young children 0 to 5 years old. This report takes a systemic, data driven approach in assessing Yolo County’s needs for early childhood mental health services as well as mapping mental health assets within the county.

Early Mental Health Needs Assessment 2008

First 5 Yolo Strategic Plan

A new First 5 Yolo Strategic Plan was developed in 2015 with input from parents, community members, service providers, and other interested individuals. The process of development included an analysis of reports and studies, interviews with subject area experts and focus groups, and a parent survey. The results of this meticulous data gathering is the Commission's Community needs assessment.

Community Needs Assessment 2014

First 5 Yolo conducted this community needs assessment in February-March 2012 as a result of Assembly Bill 99 being overturned. This community needs assessment supplements the one conducted in 2007 and is the primary tool Commissioners used to determine how best to address the gaps in service as well as the programs that should be enhanced by the $2.5 million in restored funding to better serve children and families.

Community Needs Assessment 2012

Community Needs Assessment 2007

First 5 Yolo annually reviews its Strategic Plan to ensure that it meets the needs of our community. To view our most recent 3-year plan, which is based upon the Needs Assessment completed in 2014, please click on the link below.

First 5 Yolo Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Based upon the priority areas determined by our Strategic Plan, First 5 Yolo invests funds in the community to make an impact in specific areas. Each year, an annual report is completed to share outcomes with the community, First 5 California and the Legislature. Please click on the link below to view First 5 Yolo's current annual report.

First 5 Yolo 2014-2015 Annual Report to the Community

As required by the Children and Families Act and in order to assess the impact of Proposition 10, evaluation is conducted on all First 5 Yolo programs to monitor outcomes and effectiveness. The evaluation process seeks to provide recommendations to guide the Commission's decisions on strategic investments.

First 5 Yolo uses an evaluation design that includes collection of state-level indicators and program-specific outcomes from clients served by all our contractors. To create and implement the evaluation design, First 5 Yolo contracts with Davis Consultant Network, which oversees data collection and analysis. Evaluation activities are aimed at measuring the desired results at system, program, family and child levels.

First 5 Yolo Evaluation Plan
First 5 Yolo Evaluation Findings FY12-13