First 5 Yolo

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Yolo County get its fair share of the statewide money collected?

The money brought in by the Proposition 10 tax on all tobacco products makes up the California Children and Families Trust Fund. Twenty percent of the tax revenue goes to the state program known as First 5 California; the rest is allocated to each county based on its yearly birth rate.

How does First 5 Yolo dispense the Prop 10 dollars in the community?

Yolo County's share amounts to about $2 million annually. The Commission has prioritized funding for the following programs:

  • Physical Health ($430,000 per year)
    • Children's Health Initiative ($625,000 per year to fund universal health coverage and health insurance outreach)
  • Ready to Learn ($240,000 per year)
  • Special Projects and Mini-Grants ($185,000 per year)
  • Social/Emotional Health ($380,000 per year)
  • Childcare: Affordable ($104,000 per year); Quality ($146,000 per year)

Who is eligible for First 5 Yolo funding?

All programs/agencies meeting the needs and supporting the diverse community of Yolo County children ages 0-5 and their families are considered. Priority is given to grant requests involving collaboration of two or more agencies working together to optimize results. Mini-grants (from $250 to $2,500) are available for community projects and events to benefit area children and families.

What are some examples of programs funded by First 5 Yolo?

Since early 2001, both large and small awards have been made in Yolo County. For example, GET READY! received sizeable grants to operate mobile literacy, nutrition and health services outreach, while the Woodland Toy Library benefited from just under $500 to buy age-appropriate English and Spanish toys.

How can interested programs or individuals make requests for funding?

Public notice is made for all available grant money. Packets and applications also may be obtained at the First 5 Yolo office, 403 Court Street, Woodland, CA 95695 or by calling (530) 669-2475.